1. Can a product be return after prepaid of the product?

Ans: Yes, You can but with a certain period of time. KITS will refund 100% of the cost of product and shipping fee on heed to our refund policy.

2. Does KITS has return policy?

Ans: Yes we do. Click here. The safety of our customers and employees are our priority as we all navigate COVID-19. So therefore, there is a temporarily arrangement pausing return pickups of large items in some selected areas. All questions are directed to our customer service lines. KITS want our customers to feel that every item will be a perfect match for their home but if not, right. KIT will help you sort it out.

3. How do I go through the return process.

1. log in to the order page and select the product you want to return. 2. Give us more detailed reasons of the return to help us know the issue or problem with the product. 3. select the preferred methods of refund. 4. check your information and submit your request. 5. please return the product yourself to our pickup point, the point where the product was picked. whether you picked from a pick point or was delivered to you .

4. The package is cash on delivery, do I need to prove my identity?

Ans: Yes. All you need to provide is, any authorized or approved identity document use in Ghan.ie Passport, voter ID card, Driving license and Ghana card.

5. How to cancel my KITS order?

Ans: As per KITS cancellation policy, an order can be cancelled before shipped out from KITS warehouse and to do that, log on to orders section for the process.” Note: sometimes when the cancel button is disable then that cannot be cancelled anymore.

6. Do you ship globally ?

Ans: Yes. KITS can deliver your package to you both local and international.

7. What are your shipping options ?

Ans: We have express and normal shipping depends on the option you might preferred.

8. What are the shipping costs?

Ans: The cost of shipping depends on the product purchase and the location of the customer whether for pick up or delivering to your location.

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